August 24, 2018

Short Hills Provincial Park, Niagara Engagements – Amy & Dave

I still remember how excited I was when the email came through from Amy and Dave. They are from Niagara but were on an adventure of a lifetime across the world where Dave proposed on one of their hikes. I was so honoured that they reached out from so far away and for months we communicated back and forth in anticipation of their arrival home. We met for coffee in person and I loved hearing all about their love story, they even shared their first engaged photo together, in a beautiful setting surrounded by mountains. How romantic is that?

Amy and Dave are adventurous, passionate about travelling, kind and so in love. It was an honour to spend time with them during a hike at the Short Hills for their engagement session this summer. In-between photos, we stopped to appreciate the different fossils Dave found and spotted several dear along the way, but my favourite moment was photographing them at sunset. Thankfully, we only encountered a few ticks which were easily rid of!

I was just chatting with Amy the other day about how fast time has gone. We blinked and July was over! Now we are one day away from their wedding and I couldn’t be more excited to spend the day doing what I love: photographing couples in love. See you tomorrow guys!

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