September 21, 2018

Ball’s Falls, Niagara Engagements – Mila & TC

Engagement sessions can feature more than just the couple to be married! Mila and TC really wanted the kids to come along which I think was an excellent idea. Not only does it include some of the most important people in their lives, but it also gave them a chance to meet me and feel more comfortable in front of the camera. It also provided us a huge source of entertainment and tons of laughs throughout the way. There is truly never a dull moment with kids and these guys were no exception, but I do have to say how very well-behaved they were also and how well they did with the photos.

We met in the spring after a snowfall at the always beautiful (no matter the season) Ball’s Falls. This place has it all for the perfect photo location and the kids loved exploring while we spent some time together that day.

You can tell how very much in love Mila and TC are in the way they look at eachother with such genuine happiness. I can’t wait to see their expressions on their wedding day tomorrow and witness them celebrate their love with their family and friends.

See you tomorrow guys!

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