July 8, 2015

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Photographer

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Photographer – What It Means For You

I am always amazed how much has changed when reminiscing about the last ten years.

In high school there were no cell phones or wifi to keep me entertained between classes, and I couldn’t check my Facebook several times a day, simply because it didn’t exist. I think most people can agree when I say that social media is both a blessing and a curse in disguise for several reasons that vary greatly depending on how you use it. For myself, I am always wondering what will they come up with next!

Technology is one of the main factors in why society has changed so much. It is evolving every day, even every hour it seems. Smart phones, tablets, watches with wifi and bluetooth technology, the possibilities seem endless now that we have transformed ourselves into creatures in need of constant gratification. With the touch of a button we can now shop, browse and order food, usually with instant results.

How does this all relate to photography?

Just like our telephones, the technology in cameras are always evolving. DSLR’s have replaced film cameras and are readily accessible to anyone who so chooses to purchase one. Not to mention that our own cell phones sometimes boast huge amounts of megapixels and settings which are capable of taking stunning images. And speaking of instant gratification, most of these technologies (yes, even in the DSLR’s) offer artificial intelligence systems that are designed to analyze and choose the settings for you!

So with all this great stuff at your fingertips, why should you hire a professional? Here are seven great points!

1.) Education

As a professional, they have dedicated their lives to photography and thus have invested valuable time and money into schooling and/or training. While camera’s have been designed to try and pick the right settings, they produce average results—a professional photographer is trained and experienced in producing exceptional images, priding themselves in techniques that supersede any kind of artificial intelligence out there.



2.) Equipment

While the same lenses, flash units and accessories are all available to the public, a professional photographer is able to invest in and knows exactly what equipment is best for the photos they take. A telephoto lens, wide angle and a macro lens are three very different lenses suited for three very different purposes. It is a pro’s job to know each application and what each piece in their camera bag can do! Also, since this is their job, they are up to date with the newest technologies and can invest in the best quality of lenses, lighting and camera bodies to yield amazing photographs.

3.) Skills/Technical

Being a professional photographer not only requires you to have the proper equipment. In fact, one of the most important parts of their job is understanding how to use what they have. Shooting in manual mode allows more control over certain situations that seem impossible to photograph and enable a wider ability of creativity. Ever wonder how to get a beautifully lit portrait of someone with back lighting, a background that’s out of focus and that creamy bokeh look? A pro knows and understands how to produce these kind of images consistently—no luck needed, only skill!

4.) Design & Composition

Believe it or not, creating a beautiful work of art with a camera is more than just a click of the button. It requires a well thought out plan and an eye for design. Did you know that there are certain spots within a photograph to place the subject that is scientifically proven to be more pleasing to the eye? Or that there are certain elements in a photo that can be used to lead the human eye to important elements? And that the way an image is composed can be used to influence an emotion from the viewer? A professional photog is also an artist and each photograph they make is a work of art!

5.) Posing

Having a photo taken is often a very personal experience. Naturally, you want to look and feel your absolute best when you see yourself in an image; it gives you confidence from the inside out! A photographer understands that the human body comes in all shapes, sizes and comfort levels and knows exactly how to bring out the best you in an image with the use of their expertise in posing. Choosing poses that are flattering to the clients body as well as personality is a very important skill in a professional photographer’s tool belt and knowing when to move a hand, fix a flyaway or shift weight from one foot from the other can make an ‘OK’ image into an amazing one that makes you look phenomenal!

***Posing Tip*** Never face the camera straight on, it can make you look broader than you actually are. Always try to stand at an angle and turn towards the camera for a more flattering effect!

6.) Post-Processing – The Digital Darkroom

Once the photograph has been taken, the work of a photographer has not been done. It needs to be uploaded onto a computer and processed, usually with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. This is where the finishing touches happen and these programs are used to enhance the spectacular photographs even more. Colour correction, blemish removal, and other adjustments are used to produce a final image. Adjustments can be as simple as adding contrast, or as complex as removing distracting items from an image or retouching—but all are equally as important and require the skills and knowledge to do. Overly retouched images make skin look orange, or too plastic and is something a pro knows to avoid.



7.) Quality, Dedication and Commitment

Having a business in this industry requires a certain devotion. Often, you do not see how much work goes into being a photographer from behind the scenes and the time that is invested in researching new trends and techniques to stay on top of the field. Seminars, classes and online learning is just some of the ways it is done, on top of all the time that gets invested into communicating with clients.

After all, the photographs are taken for you, the client and a good photographer will do everything they possibly can to not only offer you beautiful photographs, but an amazing experience. They are responsible for freezing moments in time for you to cherish for many years, to show your children and your children’s children. It is preserving not only your memories, but a part of history, and what better to remember them by than having professionally done photographs that stand the test of time?

Be sure to watch my blog for more photography related information. And if you ever have anything you’d like for me to cover, or answer, be sure to send me an email!



Hope you all have a wonderful evening,

– Lorie


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