October 11, 2016

Dalcourt Family, Port Dalhousie – Niagara Family Photographer

Family photos are always something I get excited about! Preserving memories and capturing a moment in time is so important so that we can look back and relive some of the greatest moments in our ever-changing lives. I myself cannot believe how quickly time has flown by this year!

At the end of July I met up with the Dalcourt family to capture some family photos at the gorgeous Port Dalhousie Carousel. The kids were pumped and ready to go, so we started off with some rides. Man, did I forget how fast that thing goes around! Once stationary we took some portraits of the kids and some group shots (along with a few more carousel rides), we ventured down to the beautifully maintained beach. Shoes off, of course!

The kids blew bubbles and frolicked in the lapping waves of Lake Ontario while I snapped some amazing moments between the kids and their parents. We spent our remaining time at the park nearby, watching the sun slowly set behind us on the beach.

Here are some of my favourite images from their session!


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