April 12, 2019

sara & her horses, niagara equine photographer

As I am preparing to kick off wedding season this spring, I wanted to post some of the work I’ve done over the winter!

In late February I met up with Sara to take some portraits of her and her two beautiful Arabian horses. It’s honestly so great to reconnect with old friends which sometimes get lost through building our families and adult lives. We actually went to school together from elementary all the way up through high school, bonding over our love of horses and our extra long bus ride out in the boonies. I’ve found that we also now share a love for photography as well so our afternoon was full of laughs and sharing old stories.

We were thankfully blessed with a beautiful, snowy day! The warmth of the sun illuminated the wintry backdrops with a fairy-tale like glow. Sara did an amazing job working with both W and Roy, often leading both together through the snow. I can’t wait to get more of that beautiful sunshine as our weather shifts into spring!

Here are a few of my favourite shots from our day together. Let me know which one is yours!


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